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What's new at IPM

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Spline and Gear Shafts

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Spur and Helical Gears

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IPM turns 25!

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What's New at IPM


August 2017

Celebrating 25 Years!
When we first opened our doors in 1992, we knew we had the right combination of people, expertise and equipment to provide custom, precision machining. We also knew our long-term success would require delivering more than just machined components. In short, we’d need to exceed expectations.

Now in our third decade of operation, that commitment has continued to distinguish IPM as a trusted partner in the precision machining and gear cutting industries. Our seasoned project management and operations team provides a proven depth of experience that sets us apart. And we continue to leverage the latest technology to ensure quality, productivity and efficiency, with ongoing investments in equipment to expand our capabilities and capacity.

Today, IPM is a different company than the shop that opened in the early ‘90s. Yet throughout our growth, one thing remains unchanged: our commitment to your satisfaction. That’s the goal that drives us every day, and the promise that customers nationwide have come to trust.


July 2017

4th of July Winners
Below are this year’s winners from our annual 4th of July competition among owners, employees and future employees at IPM. Even the skid loader dressed up for the occasion. It’s always fun to see what the employees come up with year after year!


February 2017

New for 2017 – Takamaz XY-2000 Plus
IPM’s newest addition to its machinery lineup is the Takamaz XY-2000 Plus. This machine is outfitted with 2 spindles, two turrets, live tooling and a barfeeder which is perfect for unattended machining. In many cases this allows for “One and Done” production of many types of parts. The maximum diameter bar that can be run through the barfeeder is 2.50”.

The maximum machining limits when utilizing the two 8” chucks is 8.25” diameter with a maximum length of 21.40”.


November 2016

Planetary Gear and Carrier Assemblies
Planetary gear and carrier assemblies are intricately manufactured components that are found in a number of different applications. Some designs are meant for use inside automatic transmissions and some are used to drive the big wheels found on construction equipment. These assemblies are also found in many other industrial applications. Planetary's can range in size from a relatively small size that could easily be held in your hand to some that weigh thousands of pounds when finished.

In order for planetary systems to operate effectively and last a long time, all of the components need to be manufactured very accurately. The machined features on the carriers need to be held to a very tight tolerance band, any deviation in these tolerances are detrimental to the operation and life of the assembly. The planetary gears also need to be manufactured very accurately in order to assure trouble free operation.


July 2016

Celebrating Red, White & Blue the IPM Way!
What is the 4th of July without a little barbeque? Here, at IPM, the owners are cooking up a festive meal for their employees showing their appreciation for all they do. And what would the 4th be like without a little contest! Check out Kevin, Tim, Aaron & Al's festive gear (among many others at IPM) showing their PRIDE for being American!"


February 2016

New for 2016 - Mitsubishi GE20A Gear Hobbing Machine
IPM is excited to announce the installation of our newest Mitsubishi GE20A Gear Hobbing Machine. This machine will cut up to a 7.87” (200 mm) gear with a maximum diametral pitch of 4.23 DP (6 Mod). This machine can produce a tooth length of 9.80”. The hob and table RPM’s are considerably faster than our older hobbing machines which enables us to cut gears and spline shafts faster, while maintaining astounding quality levels. Just another example of IPM investing in the most up-to-date machine tools which helps in saving time and money for our customers.


November 2015

Rebuilt and Retrofitted by IPM
IPM is very excited to announce the installation of its latest CNC Gear Shaping Machine. This machine has been rebuilt and retrofitted by the very talented team at IPM and expands its already vast machining capabilities. This machine will cut 10” PD, 4” long and the CNC control allows for extremely fast set ups between jobs. Click on link below to view a video of this machine in action.
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June 2015

New for 2015 - Gleason 475GMS® Gear Inspection Instrument
IPM is excited to announce the installation of our new Gleason 475GMS® Gear Inspection Instrument. This machine enables IPM to offer its customers the latest technology in gear measurement and analysis, including reverse engineering. The accuracy and gear charting capabilities of this piece of equipment is the best in the industry.  
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Photo used with permission.
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